Tops Tips For Selecting The Right Classic Chandeliers

by Mercert
Classic Chandeliers

Whether you’re looking to purchase a lighting fixture or grace your home foyer, setting the tone of your dining room, classic chandeliers are the perfect choice for creating a significant impression. In the current era, modern, contemporary, as well as transitional styles, provide an expanding array of various fixture designs. Besides style and material, there are certain elements to weigh when choosing a YIOSI Baccarat chandelier.

What’s the correct diameter?

You should measure the length as well as the width of your room. Sum up the two numbers. For instance, if the room is 6 feet wide by 10 feet long, the total is 16 feet. Change the quantity to inches. You’ll get a number that better works for your chandelier’s diameter. You’ll realize that in this case, a chandelier that has a diameter of 16 inches will fit into a room of 6 by 10.

Your style should match your room.

Your choice of chandelier needs to match your room. It shouldn’t detract from its theme. As such, a chandelier in the girl’s bedroom can have dangling crystals. A chandelier in the living room can be rustic with twigs as well as faux antlers. For a room that has a shabby touch, you can try a classic chandelier that has a rugged finish of antique glass sconce shades.

Alter the height of your new chandelier

You can use pliers to remove a few links in the chain. After that, coil up the electrical wire found in the ceiling of your house. If your chandeliers don’t have a chain, then you can establish if it comes with sliding for adjustment. Most chandeliers are known to have a sliding mechanism to allow you to shorten the length.

Determine the length of the needed chandelier

The taller your ceiling is, the taller your chandelier should be. It’s vital to note that a foyer chandelier needs to hang about 6 feet off your floor. This should be measured from the bottom of that chandelier. For one that’s suspended above your dining room set, there need to be approximately 28 inches from the base of the chandelier to your tabletop. 

Determine where to hang your chandelier

The location of your chandelier will have an impact on the selected chandelier lighting style. Although most individuals think of placing chandeliers in rooms, there are other areas of the house where you may hang a chandelier. You could hang one that has a dimmer switch over the bed and transform it into a candlelight level to achieve a romantic feel. You can also install a mini chandelier over your claw-foot tub in the bathroom to acquire some glamour. 

Decide if it’s double or nothing.

There are times when one chandelier is perfect for a room. But, sometimes, two can serve a higher purpose. For instance, if you own a long dining table, you should think about the length in lighting. You also want to ensure that you illuminate the centerpiece of the table.  One significant way of acquiring a perfect look using a chandelier is by getting the right light to go with multiple other chandeliers.

Consider the style of your room.

There are different themes of rooms. There are also different styles of chandeliers, including modern luxe, vintage, and industrial. You should select one based on the message you’re passing access. Is it going to be simple or elegant and complicated? You can also blend in to get along.


If you have a room that’s filled with architectural interests, you should get a classic chandelier. All in all, picking the right chandelier for your house can be a daunting task. With the tips above, you’ll find it to be less complicated.

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