Advantages of Customizing a T-shirt Bag You Need to Know

by Mercert
T-shirt Bag

As a wholesaler, you probably have wondered what the advantages of customizing a recycled plastic t-shirt bag will be. Customers these look forward to companies personalizing services and products to suit them and their needs. In fact, online stores have learned how to adapt their product packaging to suit customer desires.

Moreso, these days, retailers are would even customize a recycled plastic t-shirt bag or a regular plastic t-shirt bag. This helps customers to enjoy a sense of belonging and also builds a bond between the business and the customer.

More brands are gaining understanding about the advantages of customization as it has proven to bring higher revenue. One of the best places to get these customized bags (know more) is Zigpac.

In this post, we will learn about the advantages of customizing a t-shirt bag for your business.

Pros Of Customizing a T-Shirt Bag

1. T-shirt Bag Improves Overall Sales

Asides boosting your sales generally, when you customize a recycled plastic t-shirt bag for your customer, you generate satisfaction. This satisfaction is the key to recommendations and improved loyalty.

Therefore, the results of a study carried out by Deloitte shows that about 36% of consumers prefer personalized products. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes, wouldn’t you like to have a package you paid for customized for you? Somehow, it just makes you feel good.

In addition, the results went on to show one more secret. At least one out of every five customers will pay 20% above the regular price of any commodity. Obviously, consumers are becoming more interested in inherent value rather than the cost of products.

Asides paying more for personalized products, 48% of customers will wait a while longer just to get a personalized product. This is just one of the reasons why you should customize a plastic t-shirt bag for your clients with Zigpac.

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2. Boost your profit margin

Once upon a time, businesses would rather spend money to buy products on wholesale from manufacturers. Fast forward to the new age of technology, creating custom products has changed the scene.

In addition, what is the advantage of this? Businesses no longer have to face the sort of risk where they stockpile goods that never sell. Now, you no longer have to print bags in bulk. You can simply print a t-shirt bag immediately a client makes an order. This seemingly simple act would easily boost your profit margin beyond what you would have imagined if you had to print in bulk.

Another way it boosts profit is that you no longer need to spend excessively on outsourcing costs. With the variety of desktop printers on the market, you can cut off overhead costs by printing yourself. On the other hand, Zigpac would be a great place to get your customized bags.

3. T-shirt bag puts you ahead of your competition

Let’s quickly paint a scenario. There are two stores selling t-shirts just opposite each other on the street. In-store A, you can only choose from their catalog of bag designs, probably amounting to 50 by their top designers. Store B presents you the option of stating exactly what design you want and you have it in 5 minutes.

Which of these stores would you prefer to patronize? It’s no rocket science, most people would prefer store B for one simple reason. Therefore, each person can get a plastic t-shirt bag based on their preferences.

Most importantly, if you run your store this way, imagination alone can tell how you will blow away your competition. It will be putting you miles ahead in no time.

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4. Eliminates high inventory costs

There is no need for you to dispose of your current business model. It would not stand in your way of enjoying the benefits of the customization market. Yes, you already have the recycled plastic t-shirt bags in stock and you can’t return them. It is no big deal.

Therefore, simply by being a bit creative, you can personalize these items for each client. If you feel you cannot do this yourself, Zigpac will be a great help. A UV LED printer can perform a lot of wonders on your stock.

As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t need to make any new purchases regarding stocks so you can save overhead costs with ease.

5. T-shirt bag Leads to Improved Customer Data Accumulation

Customer data such as buying habits and trends have become very potent tools for businesses these days. Any business that can take advantage of these can easily rule the market, or at least knock off competition.

Subsequently, when a business provides customization services to their clients, it creates a strong bond. This bond leads to the business understanding the exact needs of the customers. Competitors do not have access to this information and it puts the business in pole position to steal the market.

Also, data analytics and CRM are some of the tools that help companies keep databases of their customers. With these pieces of information, you can tailor your production methods to suit client preferences.

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6. Gain the loyalty of your customers

If you haven’t tapped into the customization market yet, try this. Customize a recycled plastic t-shirt bag or regular plastic t-shirt bag for one of your clients. Watch the way that client will be overjoyed at the satisfaction of a customized product.

Moreso, unique items like these come with extra value as it is adapted to the client’s specific preferences. This has a ripple effect on your customer, it spurs loyalty, which is most likely undivided.

Now employ the same strategy to satisfy all your clients. You will be shocked at how they will start up a long-lasting relationship. It will boost your sales and even bring in new clients.

7. Grow your online business

Moreover, surveys show that online stores are fast replacing physical stores. Generally, it is way cheaper to run online stores than physical stores. Customers even prefer buying online because it is cheaper and more flexible.

More clients will patronize you because you are able to give them a recycled plastic t-shirt bag or plastic t-shirt bag. With the customized products from your online store, you can build steady traffic to boost the online store.

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You should be convinced by the advantages above on why you should customize a t-shirt bag for your clients today. The great thing about customizing is that technology has made it so easy. Finally, you can get a quote for your next order from Zigpac.

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