10 Bathroom Trends that will be Big in 2020

by Mercert

2020 has arrived with some new and exciting trends. So, if you were thinking about a bathroom renovation, but not sure which direction to follow, here are the latest design trends for inspiration.

#1 Freestanding Tubs

Almost all bathroom designers agree that our love affair with freestanding bathtubs will be big in 2020 as well. The softness and the symbolism they bring to space is unique. 2019 was a great year for freestanding bathtubs; there is no reason not to believe that 2020 will be any different. 


#2 Bigger Showers

Bigger is better. Big showers were a huge trend a few years ago, and many designers think that it will have its big come back in 2020. People seem to find a new level of comfort with bigger showers. Ecommerce websites like Myhomeware Australia are already seeing increased interest in this department. 

#3 Geometric Tiles

A few high-end bathroom designers included geometric tiles in their projects. The feedback and the attention they got on social media was overwhelming. As a result, many think that geometric tiles are set to be the next big thing in bathroom design.


#4 Smart Water Control

It is 2020, and everyone is aware of climate change, environment protection, sustainable living, and so on. Water preservation seems to be high on everyone’s list nowadays. Therefore, say goodbye to basic showers and say hi to smart, user-friendly thermostatic mixers, touchscreen operated showers. 

#5 Plants in bathrooms

This was the trend in 2015, but it is making a comeback in 2020. The reason is people want to be in touch with the environment. The logic here is, why not make the bathroom greener. The smart water control is excellent, but why not add some plants in the mix.


#6 Feature Floor Tiles

Home designers and decorators introduced back feature tiles last year. When added in a larger bathroom, they give elegance to space, while when added to smaller bathrooms, they made the bathroom stylish without overwhelming it.

#7 Natural Appearance

People started thinking of their bathrooms of places that should feel serene and welcoming. To that end, designers are looking to incorporate more natural elements like timber-look tiles and natural stone. 


#8 Custom Vanities

More and more people are looking into bespoke vanities instead of mass-produced. They want to buy vanities that are made to match the aesthetics of their own spaces. That is on the way to become a thing on its own in 2020.


#9 Bathrooms That Reflect the Rest of the House

People want the bathroom to reflect the rest of the house. They want it to feel like an extension of the house, and not something added for convenience. Some designers are adding house furniture, paintings, and other households to bring the bathroom style closer to the rest of the household. 

#10 Grout as Part of the Design

There is a newly found awareness that grout can add style to the bathroom. Many designers and renovators agree that colored grout alongside geometric shapes can add a lot of char

In Conclusion

If you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be both stylish and practical. Everything is possible, and each of our ideas is easily applicable. Besides, if you need further inspiration, check out the Myhomeware Australia. They have all the products and accessories mentioned in our mini-guide.

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