How Is 3D Technology Applied In Healthcare?

by Mercert
3D Technology Applied In Healthcare

The 3D industry has been in existence for a couple of years. But, there are several improvements in the multi-billion-dollar industry year after year. Practitioners in different industries are always on the lookout for advancements in 3D technology and how they can apply the technology in various sectors. 3D technology is used in several industries. Some of these industries include healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and defense industry. The standard prediction is that 3D technology is bound to become applicable in almost every industry in existence. Several brands provide a variety of 3D printing solutions. One of the leading applications of 3D technology is in the healthcare industry. In this post, we discuss the various healthcare applications of 3D technology.

  • Prosthetics

3D printing is highly applied in medical prosthetics. The healthcare industry is one of the most unpredictable industries in existence. There is no one service or product that can meet all the needs in the industry. There are times when accidents occur, and the victims need transplants or repair of some body parts that may be very costly. Prosthetics are artificial substitutes for parts of the human body. From a single broken or fractured bone to an entire arm, prosthetic work miracles in health care.

3D technology is used primarily in the production of these prosthetic parts of the human body. However, prosthetic parts are costly and take a long time to perfect. 3D technology, therefore, has created a more comfortable and cost-efficient way of resolving such issues. 3D applications in prosthetics also help to speed up the process of medical care. This is especially beneficial for kids.

  • Bone and teeth applications
3D Technology Applied In Healthcare

3D printing is highly applied in the manufacture of artificial bones and teeth as well. 3D printing increases the quality of parts that are manufactured, as well as the rate of production. In the dental field, 3D printing is used in the manufacture of dental implants, dental sheaths, and bridges, among other parts.

In addition to printing technology, other forms of 3D technology and scanning are used to make work secure in the dental industry. 3D scanning helps to come up with a diagnosis for involved dental complications.

On the other hand, 3D printing is used in the production of bone implants and bone replicas. The process of printing bones using 3D technology employs the use of implant materials that are compatible with bone contents. There are numerous testimonials where patients have had more than fifty percent of their skulls and bones in different parts of the body replaced by 3D printed parts. Patients suffering from bone-related deformities stemming from birth and other health situations also benefit from 3D technology.

Take Away

3D Technology Applied In Healthcare

There are several other applications of 3D technology in the medical industry. Some of these applications include the printing of stem cells, blood vessels, and skin as well. Improvements in the sector would also benefit the medical industry immensely. According to the American Doctors Association, 3D technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry.

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