Elements To Consider When Purchasing A Free-Standing Basin

by Mercert
Free-Standing Basin

The bathroom has evolved to be a room where people spend more quality time alone.  Unlike today, in the past, it was just another small room used out of necessity.  But this idea is slowly fading away. In the current era, architects and designers give special consideration to the space allocated to the modern bathroom. A well-designed bathroom has a bolder and more aesthetic look, especially if fitted with well-chosen basins. According to vanity set, the basins come in three types, free-standing basin, wall-mounted basins, and top mount sinks.

1.      Size Of The Basin

The type of basin is mainly dependent on the size of the bathroom. Therefore, before purchasing one, you need to consider its functionality. A smaller basin would be more suitable for guest toilets with the sole purpose of rinsing hands only. The small bowl is enough to maintain proper hygiene. Before making the purchase, take into account other restraints present in the room, for instance, the location of the hydraulic system whose analysis should be examined in depth by a professional plumber. Remember also to check the type of material used to make the washbasin.

2.      Location Of The Basin

The basin needs to be accessible at all times. Apart from that, the bowl should leave room for other fittings such as wall-mounted cabinets. It’s vital to ensure that you have enough space around the bowl for toiletries too. This will help in maintaining proper hygiene in the bathroom.

3.      Style

Washbasins come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. An excellent choice of a basin can set the entire tone of a bathroom. It’s essential to select a bowl that compliments the feel and look of the room. This particular style is also very much dependent on your taste and personal needs. The shape of the bowl also falls under this category.

Free-Standing Basin

4.      Tapware

A well-designed basin should have holes for fitting taps. It should also have adequate room for washing.  If you prefer a full bowl of water during your regular shaving routine in the morning, then the free-standing basin is probably the ideal pick for you. The bowl comes with many other impressive advantages, but what is more important is selecting the right free-standing basin. In this article, you will learn the various factors to consider when picking out the perfect sink, but first, let’s see the pros and cons of having a free-standing washbasin.


The choice of the perfect free-standing basin should go along with a model that fits seamlessly with the overall style of the furniture in the bathroom, i.e., the bathroom accessories and other bathroom fixtures. However, you should not neglect the functional and practical elements of the sink, either. Keep in mind that the choice of the basin can give the bathroom environment an intense, emotional, or personal feel. Consider the functionality, size, shape, practicality, and aesthetic aspect too.

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