6 Leading Strategies For Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Chandelier

by Mercert

It’s important to clean every part of your chandelier. But, this can be a daunting task since you may encounter several challenges. It’s still important to clean your lighting fixtures often to uphold as well as maintain its quality. By having a look at http://www.zsyiosilighting.com/residential_chandeliers/baccarat-crystal-chandelier.html, you’ll learn more about how to maintain the quality of your chandelier by cleaning.  

  • Clean Your Chandelier When The Crystals Are Off  

When cleaning your chandelier, you should focus on leaving the lights on. But, remember to allow your bulbs to cool. Locate the light that controls the entire chandelier and switch it off. You may also disconnect the source of power before initiating the cleaning process. Please remember to take extra precautions by ensuring that all power sources are off.

  • Clean The Crystals One By One Carefully  

It’s essential to clean the crystals of your chandelier in detail. Begin by taking a clean piece of cloth and using it to clean the delicate parts of your device. When cleansing the crystals, you should focus on spraying the cleaner on the piece of cloth before you begin. Also, remember to avoid twisting the chandelier with the hope of gaining access to the interior. This is because such moves will interfere with the interior as well as exterior surfaces of your chandelier.  

  • Concentrate On The Solid Base Of The Brass

It’s essential to focus on cleaning the entire body of your chandelier. But, since experts understand that you’ll encounter challenges, there are certain areas of focus you’re highly encouraged to look at such as the base of your chandelier. This part of your chandelier serves as its support system. You need to ensure that the cleaning spray penetrates all its surfaces.

  • You Can Clean Without Disassembling  

Of course, it’s not going to be easy to unhang an already hanged chandelier before cleaning. In such instances, you’re encouraged to leave the piece on the wall or ceiling. You can use a unique cleaning material for your crystal chandelier. As such, you may spray the cleaning agent on the item. But remember to wear your gloves. This is protective gear.

  • Garner All Supplies You Need

 Perhaps before anything else, you need to consider garnering the right cleaning equipment for your chandeliers. You need a ladder to use when climbing the walls to reach your chandelier. You also need protective gear such as gloves to protect yourself from any form of impending danger.

  • Remember To Turn Your Power Source Off  

Because a chandelier is directly connected to a source of power, you need to ensure that you put the source of energy off. That way, you’ll be safe from any impending danger such as being electrocuted. 


Because there are multiple responsibilities appended to cleaning a chandelier, it’s essential to understand what it takes to have yours cleaned successfully. The tips above will guide you.

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