Designing A Label For Your Brand

by Mercert

At deepking label, we put our best years of experience to work for you. We create premium label designs that are optimized in clear and concise writing. In the label, some of the important information you’ll find includes:

  • The brand name
  • A logo
  • Units of measurement denoting the size, weight, or quantity
  • A tag line –  a short description of the product

If you would like to include more information on the label, you can also include directions of use and a product story.


Tips To Help You Create Labels

Designing a label is not as complex as most people imagine. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process:

  • Make it readable

the label that you design should be legible so make sure to use the right font size and color. The size should be large enough such that even those who use glasses can read.

The font color that you choose plays a huge role in creating a contrast between the words and the background. Choose a color that adds both value and intensity contrast. Brighter colors are recommended because it’s believed that they influence a customer’s buying decision positively.

Don’t add any graphics behind the text as this will negatively affect the readability of the text.

  • Create visual juxtaposition

Create visual juxtaposition by combining things that will help the viewer to understand what the label design really means since it includes little information. This type of pairing is referred to as typographic pairing.

It’s important to create continuity between the pieces of information, even though they are distinct, by using a similar font. Typographic pairing presents the actual relationship of the information on the label.

  • Use white space to create space

White space is used to separate information and in the creation of visual distinction.

The white space makes a design to give off a calming and open feel in an understated almost quiet way.

  • Decorate and illustrate

If you don’t decorate the label that you’re designing or add any form of an illustrative element to it, it will appear boring and fairly basic. Illustrations tell a story about the product that can’t be put into words.  

  • Pay attention to the quality of the print

Lastly, make sure that the quality of print great. High-quality print is like a work of art; it gives the label an amazing visual presence and eventually enhances the brand name.


Top Label Design and Printing Software

Labels are very important when it comes to branding products and they influence whether or not a customer buys the product or not.

When you have a good and reliable label making software, then designing the label will be a walk in the park. Most of the design tools come with customized options and can range in cost from free to overly expensive. It all depends on the available features. Here are some tools that you can use to design and print professional-looking labels:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Maestro Label Designer
  • Label Factory Deluxe
  • Label Design Studio
  • Label Maker Pro

We hope that the list and the whole article, in general, help you pick the right tool and design a label according to your needs.

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