The two main types of battery cables

by Mercert
battery cables

There are several types of cables used for different purposes. Some of the common types of wires are solar cables and battery cables. Battery cables are used to provide a link between car batteries and the fuse of the car or the starter. Battery cables are crucial parts of vehicles. This, therefore, means that maintaining a proper battery cable system is vital. Ill functioning battery cables can result in poor performance of applications. Other issues that may arise from a weak battery cable are safety hazards like fires, breakage of car batteries, and damaged car parts. There are different types of battery cables which we will be discussing in this article.

There are two main types of battery cables.

1. SGT Battery Cables

This type of battery cables is used for different applications. The main applications of SGT battery cables are in battery replacements and electrical wires. These cables help to protect electric wires from elements the likes of acids, oils, and other forms of damage. SGT cables are solidly insulated. The insulation helps to keep the connection between the battery and the starter in cars robust and reliable to avoid a myriad of problems. 

This is the most common type of battery cables as it is more cost-efficient and more reliable for general tasks. The fact that these cables meet the Society of Automotive Engineers Specifications makes them more useful. SGT cables come in different sizes and colors (mostly red and black). SGT cables are used in starter circuits or battery ground circuits. 

2. SGX battery cables

battery cables

SGX cables are the most complex and premium type of battery cables. Compared to the SGT battery cable, this type of cable is more efficient. The reason is that it features more protection from heat and a varying kind of insulation that is more efficient. With XLPE insulation, this type of battery cable is more resistant to acid, abrasion, coolants, and other forms of elements from the diesel fluid and other aspects. The added insulation features an added protection that makes the SGX battery cable more suitable for compartments of the engine. 

This cable can be used in different kinds of vehicles, the likes of boats, buses, trucks, and tractors, among others. This is only possible because of the extra sturdiness of the battery cable. In addition to increased effectiveness, this type of cable is more durable as well. This is because the wires can also withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The added features make it superior to its counterpart hence more costly. Like SGT battery cables, there are several brands of SGX battery cables in the market. While they differ in features and price, the features mentioned above are constant in all these brands. 

Final Word

Both SGT and SGX battery cables feature robust insulating features that help protect the wires from abrasions, cracking and other forms of damage. In addition to the resistance from damage, battery cables also feature flame resistance, water, oil, and grease resistance features as well. These cables apply to all kinds of environments. 

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