How To Ensure That Your Refrigerator Water Filters Last Longer

by Mercert

Buying bottled water for everyday use can get quite expensive over time. A good solution would be to get the LT1000P water filter which removes any kind of impurity that is present in the water. In addition to getting chilled drinking water dispensed directly from the fridge, it will also have a fresh taste. Refrigerator Water Filters are pretty easy to fix and don’t require any plumbing work at all.

What You Should Know Before Buying Refrigerator Water Filters

Before you get a home refrigerator water filter, you should have a rough idea of what type of filter you should buy and how you’re supposed to take care of it. Let us look at some facts associated with these water filters:

1. Are Refrigerator Water Filters Easy to Install?

The installation of refrigerator water filters is not a complicated process. The most important thing is that the filter you get is compatible with the model of your fridge. A safe bet would be to get the same brand of the filter as the fridge. If you’re not so sure, check the internet or ask the store attendants to help you out.

2. How Regularly Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filters?

Maintenance is key if you want your filter to serve you for a longer time. Not only will it be in operation for a longer lifespan but it will also operate at a good quality.

Filters work by filtering out dust and dirt using a filtering medium such as activated charcoal. These particles accumulate on the filter and may cause it to become clogged and this hinders the proper functioning of the filter. When the filter is clogged, it’s no longer effective and this compromises the quality of ice and water given off. This means that you need to replace the filter regularly – factor in the cost of replacing filters when you’re doing your home-expenditure budget. When you are doing the replacements, check the manufacturer’s refrigerator water filter replacement instructions on the manual.

Refrigerator Water Filters filtration

3. Check the Indicator Light on the Refrigerator Water Filters

There are some filters come with an indicator light that tells you when it’s time to replace them. Almost all the new fridges have a filter replacement indicator light so you can easily tell when the filter is broken and needs replacement. Manufacturers recommend that a water filter be replaced after every six months.

If the water filter doesn’t come with a light, check the filtering speed; a slower-than-usual speed may be an indicator that it’s time to replace the filter.

4. Check the filtration speed by the Refrigerator Water Filters

A filter that is working very slowly will take so much time to fill a glass of water. This can get quite frustrating especially if you have a big family and need a lot of filtered water on a daily basis. If your refrigerator dispenser is giving off the water at a slow speed, you might have to consider replacing the water filter even if the recommended 6-month period isn’t over yet. The speed may be slow and the indicator light is still off. Replace the filter nonetheless.

5. What Quality Of Water/Ice Does The Refrigerator Water Filters Give?

 Another way to tell if the water filter is working well or not is to check the quality of water/ ice it produces. The water and ice should be crystal clear with no strange smell, weird taste, or impurities. The presence of any of these shows that the filter is not doing an effective job.


Your fridge will not just be compatible with all types of refrigerator water filters. Now that you know there are different filter models in the market, you need to pay close attention before making a purchase. Check the reviews left by other customers to ensure you find one that best suits your needs. For example, if your biggest issue is chlorine, find a filter that specifically removes the chlorine. Also, if you want to know about Home Water Filter, click here.

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