Exercise for a Healthy Heart

by Mercert

Your hearts are a muscle. If you live a positive life, it would become strong and healthy. It’s never too late to start sports, and you don’t have to be an athlete. Even 30 minutes of brisk walked a day can make a big difference.

Once you leave, you have found found that it pays off. People who do not exercise are almost twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as that who does.

Regular exercising can help you:

  • Burning calories
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce “bad” cholesterol in LDL
  • Increase your HDL cholesterol

Are you ready to start?

How to Start Exercising

First, think about what you wanted to do and how better you feeding yourself.

What sounds interesting? Would you like to exercises by yourself, with your coach, Or in class? Do you want you wanting to exercise at home or in the gym?

You know you needs to raise your heart rate several times a week, But you don’t like likes running. The gym is never your business. Here are some way to make exercising easier and many interesting.

If you want to do something more difficult than it is now, no problem. You can set a goal and set it up.

For example, if you wanted to run, you can start by walking and then adding a series of jog to your walk. Start running slowly, longer than walking.

Don’t forget to see a doctor. He’ll make sure you’re ready to do whatever you want and let you know any limitations on what you can do.

Kinds of Exercise

Your exercise program should include:

Aerobic exercises (“Aerobic Exercise”): Running, jogging and cycling are some examples. You move fast enough to raise your hearted rate and breathe harder, but you should still be able to talk to others when you do so. Otherwise, You willing exerted too much. If you have jointing problems, choose low impact activity such as swim or walking.

Stretching: If you do it several times a week, you wills become many flexible. Stretch after warm-up or exercise. Stretch gently – it shouldn’t hurt.

Strength training. You can use weight, Resistance bands, or your own weights (such as yoga). Do it 2-3 times a week. Let your muscle recovers for a day between the two workouts workouts.

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