Do’s And Don’ts to Effectively Care For Your Home Water Filter System

by Mercert
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If you are using a water filter at your home, you might be mistaken to believe that they don’t require any maintenance. Unfortunately, this is not true; some form of care and preventative measures are needed on your part to extend your water filter system useful life. However, so many people have no idea how to go about cleaning the water filter or any filter for their home. As care and maintenance are dependent on the kind of brand you invest in, below are basic care tips for your home water filter.

  • Don’t Force Pump The Home Water Filter

Whether you invest in domestic or commercial water filters for your home, the core design of the water filter is to traps the contaminants in the water filter instead of getting rid of them. However, the trapping means that the water filter will eventually clog. For this reason, be keen on noticing the performance of the water filter and see if any particulates are coming through. If they are, don’t force the filter to pump more water, instead, look into a way to clean or replace it.

  • Scrub Your Home Water Filter

Even though most water filters are delicate, some can be cleaned and thoroughly scrubbed when it becomes apparent they have difficulties in the filtering process. After confirmation that your water filter can be cleaned, remove your under sink water filter and give it a gentle scrub with a toothbrush. If scrubbing will lead to damage of the water filter, immerse and rinse it in clean water. Doing so helps dislodge large particulates that have been trapped hence getting it to work efficiently again.

  • Use A Home Water Pre Filter

The design of a faucet water filter is made in a way that it traps both large and small microorganisms to provide you with clean water. However, the trapping of large particulates usually leads to over taxation of a water filter, reducing its useful life considerably. To avoid this, invest in a pre-filter to trap large sediments to trap large debris before they reach the primary filter.

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  • Backwash Your Home Water Filter

Make it a point to backwash your whole house water filter from time to time to remove clogged up debris.  To do this, remove the intake hose and reattach it directly to the filter outlet. Doing so allows you to pump water backwards loosening and removing any debris that clogs it up.  After doing this, don’t forget to clean and sanitize the filter before reattaching it the correct way.

  • Replace The Home Water Filter As Recommended By The Brand

Every domestic water filter manufacturer has a recommended cycle of use of their water filter. The best way to ensure that you get clean water for use is to replace it when the defined periods have ended. A refrigerator filter will alert of need for replacement using a light indicator. For under the sink water filters, be keen in noticing decreased flow or particulates seeping through. Doing so allows you to replace it in time hence ensuring you always have clean water for use.

  • Conclusion

As seen above, you don’t need to wait until the water filtered by your filter system develops an off taste to change it. Be proactive and keen in looking at performance degrade of any kind from your home water filter. Overall, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions when cleaning your water filter to get maximum value for your money.

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