5 Easy Ways To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android

by Mercert
transfer WhatsApp messages

For some reason, you might want to make the switch back to using Android phones for communication. Copying various data from iPhone to Android can quickly be done via Bluetooth and similar application features. Unfortunately, due to the incompatibility between Android and IOS software to transfer WhatsApp messages the process gets hindered. One way of doing this is to invest in software application like www.backuptrans.com/tutorial/transfer-WhatsApp-messages-from-iphone-to-android.html that allows you to do this easily with no glitches. Below is a step by step guide that you will find useful.

  • Choose Proper Software To Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Before you begin looking for ways on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, start by ensuring that you have a compatible iTunes app on your PC, preferably version 12.0 and above.  Next, install suitable software to transfer messages from iPhone to Android on your PC. Though there are similar app features you can use over the internet, aim to invest in reliable software like Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp software. To seamlessly move messages, connect both your iPhone and your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.

  • Back Up Before Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Immediately you connect to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone, automatically dialog box will pop up on your Android phone asking you to back up your data; select yes.  At this point ensure that you do not have any restrictions like password protection to enable the actual transfer of messages. After doing so, select yes on your PC to back up the messages from your Android phone.

transfer WhatsApp messages
  • Counter Check History Before Prompting Transfer WhatsApp Messages

On your PC, you have a chance to view your WhatsApp chat history using the backuptrans software. The software does this by reading all your messages from iPhone and Android phone and showcasing them on the interface. At this point decide if you want to copy messages from a single contact or the whole chat history from one phone to another.

  • Prompt Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Select the iPhone device list that you want to copy messages from.  From the tools, bar dialog box feature chose “Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android.”  Alternatively, choose File -> Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android. To successfully transfer WhatsApp messages to new Android from a single contact, expand the list and choose the desired contact. Prompt transfer of messages by selecting “Transfer Messages with this Contact to Android.”

  • Select Android Phone To Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Complete the transfer by choosing the Android phone you want to transfer your WhatsApp messages to via the software.  A dialog pop up box will appear requesting for confirmation, click “ok” to continue. To see your text messages, disconnect your Android phone from your PC and restart it. Next clear cache and app data on your Android settings App and you will have successfully transferred WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. 

  • Conclusion
transfer WhatsApp messages

As seen above, investing in application like backuptrans is the easiest way of ensuring safe and secure transfer WhatsApp messages. Note that you should expect warning messages stating that transfer will delete your messages. By following the above steps, you will effortlessly transfer your iPhone WhatsApp messages to your Android phone for use.

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