Possible Happening after Using a Wrong Power Adapter

by Mercert
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Has it ever crossed your mind what might happen once you use a wrong power adapter? Regardless of your answer, it is for your good that you understand the dos and don’ts because current powered devices have become a norm.  When planning to buy an ac/dc adapter, always go one that meets your device power needs effectively. GVE AC/DC Power Adapter types are meant for specific devices. But in any case you happen to use the wrong power adapter; here are the happenings you might witness.

  • Power Adapter With the Wrong Polarity to That of Your Device

When buying a power adapter, you need to pay attention to power adapter symbols. Polarity is symbolized using negative and positive signs. Wrong polarity connection can result in three scenarios. Depending on how lucky you are, a wrong polarity might damage your device, or on a good day, nothing will happen. Thirdly, the damage to be experience might be very little. However, with the current electrical manufacturing advancement, laptops, iPads, TV and many others are fitted with protection fuses. Once reverse polarity adapter is used, the fuse blows up which is heard as a pop sound accompanied by smoke.

  • Power Adapter With Too High Voltage

In events you have used a power adapter of high voltage more than your device accepts, your device will react either by getting extremely hot or shutting down. For example, if you happen to use an ac dc adapter 12V while your device allows a power rating of 9V, you are in for some trouble. Your device might get damaged right there by blowing off, or its service life span will reduce immensely.

  • Power Adapter That Allows Too low Current  Flow

Don’t you get confused, when buying an ac dc adapter; make sure the voltage plus the currently specified matches with that of your device. There are instances you will find an ac dc adapter 24V which is required by your electronic device but the current that adapter supply is way too low. In such a scenario, your device will draw more power than what you adapter can provide. In such event, your device will power, but the ac dc adapter will get overheated or fail to work. For laptops running under low current, the function of the adapter will be normal, but the battery of that very will not charge.

  • Power Adapter with Too High Current

In case you happen to use a power adapter with the very high current flow but correct voltage similar to your device, you should not experience any issue. With power adapters, it is allowed that an ac dc adapter 12V/8A can work well with no clinch to power a device that needs 12V/5A DC power input.  Your device will draw the amount of current it needs to function.

  • Power Adapter With Too Low Voltage

A power adapter with a low voltage rating than that required by your device will have little to no effect on your device. If only the current supply is similar to that of your device, your device will get powered normally. Although, the power supply determines the effect to which a device will get affected by the low voltage. For example, if an under-voltage ac adapter powers your speaker, the speaker will work but will not be as loud as when an ac to dc power supply circuit is used.


With a simple understanding of voltage, polarity, and current, you can be sure even if you choose to buy a GVE AC/DC power adapter; they will have no issue. To be on the safe side, always aim at using a power adapter that marries with your device power need.

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