A beginner’s guide to vaping

by Mercert
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It is a common misconception that vapes are only popular with people who are smokers and ex-smokers. The truth is that a lot of non-smokers are fans of vaping since it’s a much safer way of smoking and they can enjoy an array of different flavors. What’s more, vapes, as you can check on Hleefcig, come in so many shapes and sizes that if you are into fashion, you can definitely find a vape that would match your style.

1.    Why is vaping better than smoking?

We still have to witness some studies conducted on vaping vs smoking, but since there hasn’t been enough research done, we can only say that those that have been conducted so far showed that vaping is much safer than smoking since it’s not so harmful to lunch.

Does vaping harm your lungs? Can vaping cause cancer? The answer is affirmative, but you should also know that it’s much less harmful than smoking. Some studies even show that vaping is just like nicotine patches – it has pretty much the same impact on your health.

2.    What makes vaping so special?

The essential part of vaping is a vape consisting of a vape mod, a coil, and a tank. There are so many different types of vape mods on the market but normally they all use lithium-ion batteries. The smartest thing to do is to buy the best vaping mods based on your experience.

Beginners should know that vape mods come in different shapes and sizes and this is the most noticeable part of every vape. There are those with low power that is mainly in e-cigarettes and vape pens and normally these are without adjustable power. They are also great for users who don’t have a lot of experience.

Moreover, there are those medium power types of vape mods which require some experience since they often come with adjustable power of up to 100 watts. Just like with high power ones, medium power vapes require battery safety knowledge in order to be safe and prevent a possible vapor batteries explosion.

3.    What are vaping terms VG and PG?

If you take a closer look at the best vaping supplies, you will soon realize that there are many best vaping starter kits out there that mention the terms VG and PG. These terms don’t make vaping more complicated for beginners – they are simply related to e-juice you take.

If you are into science, then you’d probably like to know that PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. Both of these vaping fluids are completely odorless, but PG gives the same sensation to the throat as if you were smoking a real cigarette. Both of these are quite safe to use since they are used in a lot of beauty and hygiene products as well as pet food too.

When vaping, you usually combine two liquids to get the most pleasure out of it. You can combine PG and VG. For example, if you use more PG, you will get a sharp feeling in the throat. However, if you use more of VG, you will have a smoother feeling.

4.    What vaping equipment to buy?

There are several types of vapes – Clearomizers, Sub-Ohm Tanks and Rebuildables. Clearomizers are the most common and the most popular whereas Sub-Ohm vapes have much more power and therefore, require a strong battery.

As for the Rebuildables, they are suitable only for experienced vaping users since you basically need to make your own coils but this means that you will have more flexibility in choosing your e-juice.

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