How to Ensure Your Metal Engraver Is Safe

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HeatSign Metal engraving machine is commonly designed to use plenty of power in MW. Therefore, they are fast when it comes to engraving metal. Nonetheless, if carelessly handled, they can be unsafe to use. Something as simple as looking directly to the beam can be harmful to the eyes.

Therefore it’s essential to know and understand safety measures you should take to ensure your safety. Here are some safety tips you should know.

Read instructions

Before you plug in your handheld metal engraving machine into power, read the user guide manual from the manufacturer. You never know the potential at which you can harm yourself simply because you left an instruction unread. Besides, reading instructions can give you insights needed to make your handheld laser marking system consistent and easy to use.

Reading instructions improves your functionality, and you get to know how to make laser engraving entirely. In fact, some laser machines require you mount safety feature before you start using them. If you fail to read instructions, the following could happen:

  • Eye injury

Staring directly to the laser beam is not healthy even if you stare at it for a microsecond. It can cause permanent or temporary eye defects. Unless you’re a hundred feet away avoid looking in the beam when the engraver is plugged in. Additionally, cutting a shiny surface scatters more laser light, so avoid them or ensure maximum protection of your eyes.

  • Burn

Laser engraver uses high electrical power. The power/heat is meant for metal engraving. Imagine the damage it can do to your body if it came into contact with it or if you handled it carelessly.

  • Inhale smoke

Engraving any material requires plenty of burning after which the content is turned into smoke. Some of the metal components are harmful to your health when inhaled. Avoiding these fumes is easy if you follow manufacturers’ instruction to the latter on protecting yourself while using the metal engraver. Make use of sniff-mask; they will filter the smoke leaving you to inhale fresh air.

Make Warning Marking On The Engraver Machine

Put danger sign on the machine. Pretty scaring but better safe than sorry. Mention which laser type it is, maximum power it should use, and wavelength. Ensure the handler of the laser machine knows the dangers that come with using the device carelessly.

If an employee is using the machine for the first time, ensure they are supervised. Additionally, state in detail the procedure of wearing protective clothing, mounting safety knot on the laser, enclosing beam light, and every aspect that involve the machine to prevent accidents.

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Take Control

  • Engineering control

There are inbuilt safety features for every handheld metal engraving machine which includes emergency off control, housing interlock, stand by control options, visible and audible emission indicator, and beam attenuator. All these features should comply with the recommended standard.

  • Procedural control

Control of electrical hazard, flammable hazard prevention, visual prevention delivery system, controlled access, and beam emission should get managed with policies and procedure in the healthcare center.

  • Administrative control

This is where you have to train the users of metal engraver before they start using the machine. There should be a team that controls the use of the device and should include laser safety officer, a group of the safety committee, and development of document entailing details on safe usage of the machine.

All these controls should be reviewed by an outside inspector to ensure safety for your employees and yours too. The LSO should calculate NOHA or NHZ, which is the area within which safety measures against laser radiation should be taken. It’s easy to do the calculation and set boundaries because the manufacturer already states that in the documentation of the portable metal laser engraver.

Another critical thing in controlling the usage of the handheld metal engraver is to place a dedicated operator at the room which the machine is stored to ensure safety is observed whether the machine is in use or not. The operator should put a sign to indicate when to use protective gears (when the device is in use) and when it’s not necessary.

The windows and doors should be covered with barriers against wavelength that could transmit through them. The LSO is equipped with the knowledge to determine the type of protective barrier to be used on the doors and windows.

Another control factor is, to never leave the metal engraving machine unattended. If the operator has to leave the operation room, he should ensure that the device is unplugged and the key stored in the safety box. 

Testing the metal engraver

The machine uses electrical power which, when overlooked, can be dangerous. However, to prevent possible danger as a result of a power surge, it is essential to plug and test the machine. Follow all safety procedures before you use the tool. Ensure there are no flammable materials in the room. Ensure electrical plugs and sockets are in good working condition before your machine is put to use.

Auditing Safety Of The Machine

Depending on the number of users using a metal engraving machine, amount of heat, and frequency at which the machine is used, an audit should be carried out once in a year.

Through auditing, you can identify areas that need changes, replacement, and further knowledge on the use of engraving machine. Verification includes interviewing the user of the engraving machine, testing the equipment and electric supplier and monitoring the outcome of the engraved piece.

The audit report will confirm the continuity of handheld metal engraving machine or halting the production until all the requirements are met.

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Take Away

It’s essential to look out for your safety when using machines meant to provide your daily bread. There is no carelessly exposing yourself to harmful emission only to use your salary in hospital bills instead of taking care of your family.

Therefore, follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer for handheld metal engraving machine to the latter to prevent possible accidents. Additionally, if you’re an employer, ensure your employees are well provided with the protective measure. Above all, ensure business continuity, which will result in economic growth.

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