Factors That Affect The Cost Of Manufacturing Masks

by Mercert

Surgical masks, also known as medical face masks, are very popular at this time with the continued spread of Coronavirus. The virus has led to the introduction of the masks to the public. Before this, the masks were only used by professional health care workers. The role of the mask was solely to prevent infections during medical processes like surgeries. However, countries like China and Japan, among others that are highly populated, have recorded the use of masks in public places. Also, traditionally, face masks were manufactured manually. However, currently, most manufacturers use face mask making machines for the process. In this post, we look at the cost of face mask production.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Face Mask Production

The Features of the mask

The first element that influences the cost of manufacturing face masks is physical features. They include;

  • Material- The material from which the mask is made greatly influences the cost of production. For instance, all-natural ingredients are harder to find and more costly. Therefore, making a mask from scratch using all-natural materials is more expensive than the latter. Materials like plastic are the most commonly used. However, the type of plastic used differs, and this affects the cost of the manufacturing process. For instance, some ingredients have to be imported from different parts of the country. This increases the cost of production.
  • Color- The color of the mask also affects the cost of manufacturing. For instance, sometimes, to achieve the desired color, manufacturers are forced to use coloring chemicals. These chemicals have to be acquired at a cost. The coloring process also requires money.
  • Scent- Face masks are worn on the mouth and nose. For this reason, they are mostly scentless. However, the materials used in the manufacturing process normally have peculiar scents. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the scent has to be eliminated. This may warrant the use of certain chemicals in a process that needs financial resources.

The process of manufacturing

The manufacturing process is also a significant influencer. The process requires both time and money. There are different steps in the process. The first process is carried out by chemists or engineers. The human resource is one of the major factors that influence the cost of production. For a face mask manufacturing company, hiring freelance chemists and engineers is less costly than hiring a staff to work within the company.

The next step of the process usually involves using automated production machines. Using machines in the manufacture are more beneficial than manual manufacturing. The cost of running the machines is also a factor. The cost of electricity and maintenance differs from one machine to the other.  

Quantity of production

Contrary to common belief, the higher the number of production means, the lower the cost of production. The materials used in production will be more if the quantity is high. However, the cost of running the machines, time spent, and human resources are reduced when production is done in mass than the latter.


In this current state of the world, face mask manufacturing companies have more work than ever. However, not all face masks are efficient against bacteria and viruses because of their design and material.

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