Issues Affecting The Industry Of Parking Lot Lights

by Mercert
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As with any industry in the world, different issues are impacting the parking lot sector. Just to have a brief description of these lights, they refer to outdoor mounted lights on poles not just for cars but pedestrians. So which are the challenges faced by consumers in the industry of parking lot lights?

The kind of lighting and the fixture as well have been used successfully for years in parking lots, not just for malls but office complex and schools. That said, there are various types of lamps that can be used for parking lot lights. The three primary conventional lamps are such as:

  • High-intensity discharge
  • High-pressure sodium
  • And mercury vapor lamps

LEDs have been utilized in the illumination of parking lots for years. Regardless, there are common issues appended to the form of lighting. In this post, we look at some of the leading problems.

Lifetime Performance – The performance of LED lighting is a critical component of every aspect of the bulb and lighting. Thus, depending on the lamp you decide to use, the performance characteristics of the parking area can vary in many ways. For instance, if you are going to use or invest in metal halide lamps, then you will realize that they produce a slightly whiter type of light. However, the same type of lights has slightly accelerated degradation in the lumen.

In layman’s language, the lamp’s light output can quickly decrease following the initial installation. For that reason, the lamp’s lifetime will decrease. And if you happen to be using one with high-pressure sodium, then you should find it more useful and for more extended periods. However, the structure of these fuels might end up producing an orange light, which has a small rendering color index.

All you need to do in this case is trade a better and longer light bulb for a poor quality one. This is in regards to the visual perspective. The performance of the light fixture is usually measured using the intensity of light produced. It would highly depend on the applications and use of your parking area.

For instance, if the lamps have with them metal halide structures, the light that will be produced will rather have traces of white quality. Not only are these types of lamps of high quality but also comprise of a faster lumen degradation. This means that the lights produced by the lamps are definitely of high quality.

With the common issues highlighted herein, the primary common alternative is to make good use of a variety of LED parking lights. The issues of a lifetime performance and maintenance cost can be addressed by professionals dedicated to helping customers in receiving better services.


In conclusion, because of how LEDs generate their light, the manner in which they progress via functional life is different. Rather than ceasing to function well at once, the LED generated light will slowly be degraded. As you go out in the market to look for a high-quality LED parking lot light, we hope that you consider the pros and cons.

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