What is Stadium & Arena Lights? All you need To Know About Them

by Mercert
Stadium and Arena Lights

It has been predicted that the industry for stadium and arena lighting will be worth more than six hundred million dollars by the year 2023. But, such growth is attributed to the increased demand for stadium and arena lights due to increased sporting events, and the desire of individuals in the sports industry to give and enhances stadium/arena experience to both the fans and players. The reduction in the cost of energy consumption is also a factor in the growth of this industry. 

Most stadiums employ led stadium lights as an essential aspect of sports view application. In this post, we look at the factors to consider when choosing the best-Led stadium lights. 

1. Methods of mounting

The way with which the lights will be installed depends on the type of stadium as well as the type of lights. For instance, the construction stadiums usually have poles on which the lights can be mounted. It is, however, essential to make sure that the views are compatible with the existing poles. There are other options like pin stadium lights and portable stadium lights. 

2. Parameters of the stadium or arena

The parameters include the length, width, positions of the poles on which the lights will be mounted, and the heights of the poles. All these factors have to be considered when choosing the most suitable led stadium and arena lights.

3. The illuminance and luminous emittance levels

These levels are measured in units called lux. The lux levels differ depending on the type of event that is to be covered in the stadium or arena. National sporting events, international or local events all require different lux levels. 

Stadium and Arena Lights

4. Working Voltage

It is essential to find out the working voltage of the stadium or arena LED lights. The typical voltages are between AC 100V and 277V.  However, higher voltages may be requested depending on the illumination needed. 

5. Maintenance, quality, and reliability

Concerning maintenance, an LED light with a separate electric box would be suitable for easy maintenance. The light also has to be durable; hence, the reliability factor. However, the quality of the LED light significantly affects the durability of the light and maintenance routine. 

6. Consider the impact on the environment

Environmentalists have expressed concerns over the fact that stadium and arena lights are a great source of environmental pollution. However, this does not have to be the case. Always consider the amount of light and illumination produced by the light to keep the impact on the environment less harmful. 

The difference between the stadium and arena lighting

Both stadiums and arenas are locations where sporting events and other spectacular events are hosted. The difference between the two is that an arena is usually used to host indoor events, and a stadium is outdoor. Stadiums are also larger than arenas. This means that concerning lighting there are differences in aspects such as;

  • Illumination
  • Voltage
  • Intensity 
Stadium and Arena Lights

Final Word

When considering the type of light for a stadium and arena, it is essential to understand the amount of power that is required. With knowledge on the required voltage, you can determine the value that you should be going for and the stadium lights cost.

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