Aramid Packing; Characteristics And Applications

by Mercert

Aramid fibres are some of the strongest and the best heat-resistant types of threads in the market. These fibre strength can get attributed to the high proportion of the chemical bond that exists in the structure of these fibres. They are synthetic types of threads that got introduced into the market in the early 1960s. Traditionally, the fibres were used in aerospace and military industry for a wide range of applications. Currently, their applications have increased, and one of the many applications of the fibres is in the manufacture of aramid packing material. The characteristics of aramid make the product the best choice for the production of high pressure sealing options. 

Characteristics of aramid packing

Below are some of the most significant attributes of aramid packing;

1. Structure

The structure of aramid packing is significantly influenced by the construction of the fabric from which it is manufactured. The structure of the aramid fibre features a series of polymers, each of which is synthetic. Secondly, the polymers appear in a repeating unit that resembles enormous phenyl rings that are linked together. Lastly, aramid packing features a unique structure that is unlike anything else in the market. 

2. Strength

One of the most attractive features of aramid packing is that it has the highest tensile strength. This is a component that most products of its kind in the market do not possess. The strength of the packing is influenced by the structure of the fibres from which it is manufactured. The type of packing also features a unique kind of resistance to wear. This means that it is highly durable.

Additionally, the product is resistant to chemical and temperature-related damages. Aramid fibres feature amide links that are resistant to a wide range of organic solvents as well as salt. This is also a unique feature that users love about this type of packing. Regardless of the chemical resistance, the products are still prone to susceptible damages from chemical products like acids. 

3. Durability

Aramid packaging is also highly durable because of the strong features that are mentioned above. Additional features that influence the durability of aramid packing are that it does not have a melting point, and it is resistant to cut. This means that packing can be used in high-pressure conditions. This means that you don’t worry about the packing catching on fire quickly because aramid fabric features low flammability. It is also resistant to absorption hence is one of the most durable types of fibres in the market. 

Applications of aramid packing
Aramid packing can be applied in a wide range of industries. Some industries where aramid packing is used include;

· Mining and mineral

· Municipal wastewater

· Oil and gas refineries

· Power generation

· Aerospace and mining industry among several others


In different industries, aramid packing is used in various application media. Examples of some application media include abrasives, water, oils streams, and slurries. TeflexGasket, one of the leading manufacturers of aramid packing, manufactures the product by impregnating it with PTFE. The design allows for additional benefits and strength of the packing. 

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