Soldering Machine: All You Need to Know

by Mercert

We’ve been hearing about soldering machines from our jewelers or technicians and you may have probably seen one. But what’s a soldering machine? A soldering machine is a device used in joining metals together by melting them.

A soldering machine is more popular amongst computer engineers because they use the soldering machine to solder the wires or work on motherboards. A soldering machine is also called a soldering iron. It was invented in 1921 by Ernst Sachs, but there are reports it was previously invented in 1898. At the time of his invention, Ernst Sachs believed he was the first inventor. Was also invented in 1898.

Uses of Soldering Machine

Many people use soldering machines for different things and for different purposes. Good examples include:

  • Joining two or more pieces of jewelry together by jewelers.
  • For electricians, it’s used in keeping the wires of a board or circuit in place
  • For auto repair technicians, it’s used in closing cavities in the machines

Soldering machine is not used for just any material or metal. You can use noble metals like gold, tin, silver, etc. but since they are expensive. You can use alloys made of 60% Tin and 40% Lead.

The most difficult metals to use a soldering machine to solder are aluminum, high alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and magnesium. Now we know the cheap, expensive and hard metals to be used on a soldering machine. How can we use one?

How to Use a Soldering Machine

Soldering machines are not hard to use. They are quite easy but must be used with care because of its hot tip. Here are the ways to use it:

  • First, choose the right tips for the job you’re doing. The soldering machine has different tips for different jobs. If you’re doing a small wiring in a mother box or just learning, use the small tip.
  • Clean the tip to avoid oxidation
  • Choose the right temperature for the job. The best way is to use a low temperature for a good result since you’re a beginner
  • Hold the soldering machine where you want to for a second or two. You don’t need to keep the soldering machine on the metal for long because it doesn’t take time
  • Now join the metal to the other component
  • Leave it for a minute to cool down and you’re done

It’s so easy right. You just need to follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Precaution Measures to Take When Using a Soldering Machine

  • Make sure your safety gloves are on to avoid burn
  • Wear a cover all in case of mishaps
  • Keep a rag or any cloth close to you to clean the soldering machine.
  • Use goggles to avoid fumes entering your eyes
  • Put on a nose mask to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes.
  • Also read the manual to get more information


Soldering machine is used in joining metals together by melting them. It was invented in 1921 by Ernst Sachs. A soldering machine is used in soldering high alloys, metals, etc. Soldering machines are easy to use and affordable also. All you have to do is follow the precautions and guidelines. A soldering machine is also called a soldering iron. When next you think for carrying your metals for soldering get a soldering machine.

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